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Zaworski Art and Homestead


Jade moved back to BC with her husband, two tiny humans, two pet geese and her huge dog right before the pandemic. She was an established animal pet portrait artist at the time, which slowed right down to almost a complete halt because of the uncertainty of the pandemic. During the first year of Covid, Jade and her family focused on setting up the Homestead and trying to stay as positive possible. Needing to create, Jade found herself drawing all of her animals. This is where the "pecking order" line developed. 14 chickens and roosters chock full of personality! Then the bees and the "jumping hump"s line... leading finally in to the flower Orca whales. Jade found herself making amazing pieces for herself, then turning it in to a full time business for the time being. Still taking pride in collaborating with not for profit rescues across Canada donating pieces for their fundraisers and doing 14 pieces of custom art for a smile dog and cat calendar last year, raising over $10,500 for them. This past year, Jade was lucky enough to be accepted into a few local and awesome expos. Filberg being the first!! Out of hand and circle craft being her Christmas events. Jade LOVES being a Vendor as she loves chatting with people about her art and her homestead. Always creating, Jades new art this year Is focuses on our local sea life!! the not for profit rescue support calendar will help our oceans.


Creating art from the Homestead, Jade's Chickens and Rooster's, cow's and goats, lamas and goose portraits are something to be seen. at the Filberg festival 2022 all of her original works from the rooster and chickens line sold! so much positive feed back. The movement in her bee art and the unique take on her "flower Orcas" have been popular! All art is created on treated canvas, mixed media consisting of tea staining, file line pen and ink work, watercolour, charcoal and acrylics. These are then sold as originals, prints, cards and even transferred to house wears such as pillows, tea towels and charcuterie boards. She hand crafts pottery earrings, stickers and pillows, along with silkscreening this year. The hand drawn, hand printed custom silkscreening scarfs and dresses are just another medium she has found to display her art on. All hand done by jade of course. Jade takes pride in the fine little details such as labeling, packaging and staying as environmentally friendly as possible.


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