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Courtenay-based artist Olivia Leskiw of WLDFLWR Studio was born with a desire to capture and express the exquisite beauty of the natural world around her - from the tiny animals that emerge in the spring to the wildflowers that grow alongside the road. WLDFLWR Studio uses watercolour and gouache to best capture the delicacies of flowers, fur, and feathers and to add that special, feminine touch to any piece. We specialize in children's and nursery artwork, but our products are cherished by any nature lover.


Watercolour, gouache, and archival ink are the chosen mediums of WLDFLWR Studio and are used to create light and feminine art. The product range includes: stickers, calendars, greeting cards, art prints and original art pieces. All painting, printing, and producing is done by Olivia Leskiw in Courtenay, BC in her home studio.


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