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Wayward Distillery


Situated in the fertile Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Wayward Distillery has led the charge in honey-based spirits since 2014. Each of our spirits are crafted using sustainable honey, as well as grain and allowing us to support local agriculture and getting a little Unruly while doing it! At Wayward each and every one of our spirits is precisely designed to be sippable on their own and enjoyed in the tastiest of cocktails. We like how delicious our honey-centric spirits are, and we feel good about aligning our business with people who are also deliberate in their consumption choices, contributing to a healthy and diverse ecosystem.


We are a 100% craft distillery which means we use 100% BC agricultural products (honey and grain) as a base for our spirits. Everything is done onsite at our "shoppe" where the raw products come to us and the bottles leave. We make Vodka, Gin, Rum, and infused and flavoured spirits such as our Espresso/Cacao "Depth Charge" and our Spiced Liqueur "Krupnik."


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