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Tree Drops


A modern nomad currently based in Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Mei shares her passion for healing arts, mindfulness and movement. A series of jobs has led Mei to a diverse career as a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, Mindfulness Retreats Facilitator, Yoga teacher and scuba diving instructor. A self-taught artist, born in 1978, she discovered that her true passion rested in pursuing her own expression of our human experience, working with water colors, acrylics and charcoal using brushes, pencils, fingers and heart. Her passion for nature, the fluid realm and the human touch has created an uncommon series of illustrations. She allows the paint to go free on the paper and watches it evolve exactly as it is; colors and shapes reveal images and creatures of life. It is pure, raw and vulnerable – just as she is in the moment. Heart to paper. Her images are inspired by the clouds, woods, water and soil, she sees images in everything. Mei is being herself as she unmasks the authentic and occasionally uncomfortable human emotions with her impish fusion of illustrations. Sharing her art is her way of demonstrating how we can transform our pain and turn it into something precious, embracing each and every story or emotion as a creation. Just as each painting evolves and expresses her current state of mind, she hopes that each viewer will find his or her own unique story reflected.


I am primarily a water color artist with a unique painting process: being a self taught artist I’ve stumbled across the style that I now consider my style, which is dropping a multitude of water colors, letting them dry and tracing images and creatures that I see; it’s exactly like cloud gazing. As of 2021 I started working with wood which connects me deeper to nature: I use dried wood branches from Vancouver Island, paint my images onto the wood and glaze them with non toxic resin. I forage wild flowers from Tofino, dry and press them on wood slices, and create one of a kind jewelry: pendants, rings and earrings, home decor and wall art. Each wood slice is handmade, unique and glazed individually with non-toxin resin.


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