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Tobias Sculpture


I am a self taught sculptor from Calgary. Ive been fortunate enough to make a living through creating and selling sculpture for 16 years. Having made 6 monumental public sculptures and thousands of small to life-size pieces I can safely say that I am comfortable with any scale my customers desire. Having worked with bronze, marble, resin, wood , granite, stainless and many semi precious stones I can safely say that I am comfortable with almost any material. when left to my own devices I almost always choose to work with a combination of hard stone and stainless steel. from these media I create pieces that are human or animal or a combination of the two.


I weld body parts such as a head, legs, wings from pieces of stainless steel, then I take these parts to my stone studio where I carve the remaining parts of the creature I am sculpting. after carefully fitting the parts together they are attached with industrial adhesives, given a quick buff and then they are ready for show.


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