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The Cure Hot Sauce Company


We are a craft hot sauce co. located in Courtenay. We sell a variety of hot sauces that range in flavour and heat level. We also do small batch sauces, spices, rubs, bbq sauce, and worcesterschreier - all products are gluten free and vegan. Born out of the year that shall not be named, our fearless leader left the kitchen industry and ventured out into entrepreneurialism!


Our hot sauces vary in methods. Fermentation from a week to a month-long process. We also do cooked hot sauces. We use the Mash from our sauces and dehydrate it to make spices. We also do a rub, worcesterschreier, a couple of bbq sauces, and FODMAP diet friendly sauces. Also- we feature small batches, like a brewery. All of our products are GF and Vegan


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