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Tamara Phillips Art


Tamara's art is inspired by the raw beauty of the natural world, resonating cellular life and ethereal vibrancy. Her detailed paintings are woven together in earth tones, and she uses the malleability of watercolour to explore the connection between myth, dream, intuition, and reality. Tamara was born on Vancouver Island. She obtained her BSc in Biology from the University of Victoria, and currently resides in Vancouver. An itinerant wanderer, she enjoys both backcountry and world travel, and has called city, sea, and forest her home. Drawing from the subconscious, and filtered through the biological, she continues to investigate our beautiful Earth.


Tamara paints by hand using traditional watercolour paints in her unique contemporary style that layers pigment. She designs all her own artworks, drawing inspiration from her experiences in nature, and structuring her watercolour palette around natural earth tones. She begins her artwork with a light pencil sketch on cold-pressed cotton paper. She develops the sketch into a drawing and then paints with watercolour pigment using tiny brushes, layering the paint as she goes. For display, she mounts her artworks on cradled wood panel, varnishes with uv-protective finish, and adds a final top coat of matte varnish. She finishes the pieces by sanding the edges and adding eye hooks and wire on the back for hanging. She achieves this all by hand. For larger pieces, she paints watercolour directly onto canvas by first priming the canvas with absorbent ground. She then paints the canvas with watercolour pigment and seals the painting with uv-protective varnish.


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