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Sugar Sandwich Design


Sugar Sandwich Design Studio is the home of Grow Along Babywear®, my own exclusive trademarked line of growth-spurt friendly clothing for babies and small children. I make products that are designed to keep on fitting and stand up to the wear and tear of toddlers. All handmade in my home-based studio in the coastal community Sooke BC on Vancouver Island, I start with top quality European made stretchy knit fabrics, in trending colours, using the cutest designs that are adapted to provide long-lasting fit, comfort, and easy care. I am proud to say that my products have been sold to customers in every province of Canada, including Nunavut, with many repeat shoppers and referrals. I am a former Home Economics teacher and high school counsellor, and I took an early retirement several years back to start my own business sewing growth-spurt friendly clothing for babies and kids. The Home Ec teacher in me strives for high standards and quality in my handcrafted work. My work process now is filled with joyful creation. I can summarize my work as cute, tiny, friendly fun. I emphasize sustainability and reusability in my designs.


My product line includes pants, hoodies, tops, printed onesies, rompers, hats, and accessories like bibs and bandanas, all with adaptable sizing. I coordinate colours and designs so items can mix and match across the product line. I include some imprinted vinyl designs on commercially made onesies and bibs to round out some of the outfits. I also love to make soft toy accessories for little ones using my embroidery machine for in-the-hoop projects such as teethers and stuffies. Each clothing item I make is adjustable in some way to provide extended wear, ease of use, and comfortable fit. I use cotton/Lycra fabrics that I import from European fabric manufacturers. The clothing is designed to fit across several size categories, fitting for as long as 1-3 years. The clothing design is always flexible, comfortable, durable and cute. My home studio occupies much of my home space with areas for cutting, storing supplies, pressing, sorting and packaging finished products. All my work is handcrafted by me and is intended to combine fun and function Current products can be viewed on my website www.sugarsandwich.com, or in my Instagram and Facebook shops.


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