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Sharon Lennox


Sharon is an established scratchboard artist, specializing in birds, wildlife and pet commissions. The detail that can be achieved with this medium is what drives her to create the most photo-realistic paintings possible. All Sharon's paintings are based on her own photos, with the exception of some commissions. Over the years, Sharon has won many awards at juried shows. She has had her paintings juried into the "International Society of Scratchboard Artists Annual Exhibition" several times including two for the 2022 show that was held in Bradenton Florida. In 2019 her painting, "Fishing on Stilts" won the "International Artist Award" in Berea Kentucky. Sharon's paintings have sold locally, across Canada and Internationally.


Scratchboard art is similar to the method used in pen and ink. With pen and ink, I would apply black to white paper. With scratchboard, I use a white board (White Kaolin Clay) that's covered with black ink. Using a x-acto knife or small scratch tool to etch into it, revealing the white clay. It's like drawing in reverse. With scratchboard, fewer scratches equal darker areas, more scratches equal a lighter look. Create bright white by completely removing the ink. This applies to a black and white finished painting. Adding colour involves more work, a coloured scratchboard takes 1/2 to 3/4 times longer to complete than a black and white. Only after scratching my entire painting down to the white clay, (I call this my under painting) I start adding colour. I use Scratchboard Water Soluble India Inks, completely compatible with the Ampersand Panel I use. I apply ink washes (50% ink/50% water) using the dry brush method. In between several layers of ink washes, I scratch where colour has been added, then apply more ink washes. Layering colour with scratches, I build my layers, 10-25 layers, this creates the depth in my paintings. A painting must have visible scratching to be classed as scratchboard art. When the painting is finished, I spray my work with 4-6 layers of Krylon Matte Spray. Makes for a tough finish. Each painting takes 45 to 70 hours to complete.


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