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Round Woman Studio


Having survived an idyllic childhood along the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Lachine, Quebec, I draw on my memories of childhood for my images. My paintings depict the joy in simple daily life, strong, hardworking women and villages. There is a quality of harmony and security and a childhood memory of the good in life. I try to capture a simplicity of spirit that sometimes evokes powerful feelings of nostalgia in the viewer. I do not work from photos but draw on my imagination to create an idealized and whimsical world. My work is notable for its vibrant colour and its story telling quality. It is illustrative, whimsical and captures moments in time. Viewers often ask themselves what has just happened or what is about to happen? Most of the work has a joyful quality and is full of movement. My characters work, chatter, dance and sometimes fly. I like to hope others can feel some of the joy I feel in creating these images.


When asked what my artistic style is I have difficulty explaining. The best description I have been given is “Sophisticated Primitive”. I think that suits me best. My work can begin with a single curved line which reminds me of the curve of my mother's shoulder, the tilt of my daughter's head or the arm of a child I once knew. This curve brings with it a story in my mind that I paint out following my own characters as they work or play or stand taking in the wonder of the world around them. It is like playing for me. My women almost always tie on aprons and wear heavy boots to remind me that work is honorable and an important part of life. I find almost everything in my own life to be amusing in some way as if I am a living cartoon and this whimsey is always there in my painting. Sometimes I paint a sky and it tells me what land or village it is hanging over. Then I wait until the rest of the image slowly appears on the landscape before me. I like villages, beaches, libraries. Rows of children and large stomached men with their dogs. I have worked in oil and water colour and pen and ink, but my preferred medium is acrylic. I enjoy the fast drying quality and the vibrant colours. I like to paint on a flat surface and therefore often lean on my work so acrylic paint works best for me.


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