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Re/TOTE is my post retirement career, a place to express my creativity and love for up-cycling and a great handbag. It began with an experiment to create beautiful, functional handbags using existing materials. Designing and crafting Re/TOTE brings me much joy and welcome challenges. Always inspired by the eclectic variety of available materials and energized to maintain a clear focus on function and style. I was inspired by London fashion and proudly make Re/TOTE in Lantzville, BC on Vancouver Island. Online, local and multiple craft market sales outlets including Filbert Festival 2022, Circle Craft, Vancouver Dec. 2021/2022, Butterdome in Edmonton in 2022 and Art Market Calgary 2022.


Re/TOTE bags are almost entirely made of repurposed and discarded materials, including salvaged (just before landfill) furniture leathers and zippers, thrift store linens, hardware, leather belts. Extending the life of each element used and reducing the materials that end up in landfill. Each bag is constructed from a legacy of elements, old is new again, recrafted into a new story. Repurposed is in! I am a small yet energetic designer sourcing materials locally. My handmade collections are reasonably priced to support giving everybody a chance to experience Re/TOTE, and are unique – no two are the same. I am excited to encourage my audience to make beautiful fashion choices and reduce our environmental impacts.


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