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Natural Collection Stands


Caleb Blake, a Canadian woodworker and entrepreneur, founded Natural Collection in 2019 out of his two car garage in Calgary, Alberta. Caleb and his wife have since moved their family and the business to Vancouver Island, B.C, where they are finding new connections to family, nature, and the local art and music scene. The business was born out of a passion for woodworking, a love of all things music, and the desire to build and grow a successful business. And the vision from four years ago still holds true today: to build musical instrument stands and displays with the highest emphasis on quality and design. A stand that doesn’t just hold your instrument, but showcases it in a way that turns your instrument into a piece of functional art.


At Natural Collection we design, build, and sell luxury instrument stands, hangers, and display cases using high quality woods, metals, and corks. Each product is handcrafted by Caleb himself out of his workshop in Campbell River. The Natural Collection product line of floor stands, wall hangers, display cabinets, and performing stools began first with the Floor Stand. And although its design has evolved over time, it still remains the companies best selling item. In 2020 the Walnut Floor Stand won first place in the ‘furnishings and home décor’ category for the ‘Made In Alberta Awards.’ Not to be outdone- the Performing Stool took first place the following year in the same category. Caleb's stands have been featured in magazines such as Western Living Magazine, Premier guitar, Avenue Magazine, and Home in Canada.


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