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Nadbrad Designs


Traveling and living out of a backpack for 3 years then eventually moving into a tiny house taught Nadie, the designer and maker at Nadbrad, the value of multi-functional items. Pairing those minimalist values with the love of beauty and creativity became the basis for all of our multiwear designs to be born. Nadie is a self-taught seamstress who found she had the innate ability her grandmother had, to create clothing by sight. She honed her natural skills over the past several years and now has created a multifuctional line of clothing that every women can appreciate.


Nadbrad Designs is ethical, slow fashion. Locally designed and handmade, we create versatile, multiwearable designs with the highest standards in materials and company culture. We're not just creating ethical fashion, we are creating a lifestyle. Your clothes should be as versatile as you are. In a world of over consumption we have the power to make better choices. Nadbrad's multiwearable clothing shapeshifts with your moods and style without you having to own a million pieces. It's minimalism without the sacrifice.


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