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Lumen Gem Inc


The pairing of visual artist Charlie Rappard and lighting automation electrician Jay Moulton directly reflect the pairing of art and light in each Lumen Gem lamp. After a long friendship Charlie and Jay decided to partner together and share their creations with a wider audience. Charlie who is Vancouver raised attended the Art institute of Vancouver game and art design where he honed his skills for fine art. Charlie primarily studied paint but he has also created sculpture. He has worked in film production in Vancouver for many years. Jay is a lighting automation electrician from Australia who always wanted to expand into lighting design and creation. He has over the years experimented with mediums for creating and has invented innovative objects for real world issues. Our Lumen Gem creations are impossible in nature, however we strive to give the appearance of living or growing somewhere, such as fungi consuming driftwood. Living with beautiful objects that remind us of the natural world encourages us to slow down and help reconnect with nature and ultimately, ourselves.


Lumen Gem are hand-made lamps composed of west coast driftwood and raw crystals illuminated by LED lights. Every lamp is dimmable and compliments any room, daytime or nighttime.


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