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Loops Jewellery


As a teacher married to a golf pro, my summer holidays always took me to the links. With plenty of down time, I would sit on the patio of the clubhouse making earrings and necklaces while hubby practiced. So, in between “loopin’ it”, which refers to caddying on the golf course, I returned to my love of creating and a hobby that started when I was young – jewelry making. That’s how Loops came to be. Nine years ago, I left my teaching career to pursue jewelry making full time. Over those nine years, I have practiced and refined my silversmithing skills and techniques and have grown my business. I work out of my home studio in Victoria, BC and I don't have to go much farther than my front porch to be inspired by the nature that surrounds us here on Vancouver Island. My minimalist, light-catching jewelry is inspired by even the tiniest details in nature that many of us love: the curl of a fern frond, the curve of an ocean wave, and the grand geometry of the mountains. I enjoy participating in many local artisan markets as well as larger shows such as Circle Craft. My jewelry is also carried in stores throughout BC and Alberta and I have also grown an online presence.


My jewellery is handmade in my home studio in Victoria, BC. A variety of traditional silversmithing techniques are employed when creating my designs including piercing techniques, wire wrapping, metal forming with hammers and pliers, and soldering. I use a host of different tools such as various hammers, mandrels and jeweller's saws. Some of my most intricate designs use very fine saw blades in a jeweller's saw frame to pierce and cut tiny trees, ferns and flowers. Each piece is made from raw metal such as sterling silver and 14k gold fill, usually in the form of sheet or wire, in my home studio. I deeply value the hands-on quality of my nature-inspired creations, as well as our collective connection to the west coast. The time and attention each piece takes is part of Loops Jewellery’s love-it-forever charm. Loops is intentional about opting for recycled and ethically sourced materials as much as possible. During production and packaging, I use environmentally friendly and reusable materials, packaging, and practices and chooses reusable and recyclable supplies, boxes, etc.


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