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Lawrence Lowe


Lawrence Lowe is a practicing artist in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He graduated in Print Media from Emily Carr College of Art + Design and has taught Print Media extensively throughout British Columbia as well as Relief Printmaking at Emily Carr Institute in both Continuing Studies and Degree Programs. His studio is at 1000 Parker Street in East Vancouver. His main focus is ink drawing on various surfaces (paper, wood, stone, elk antler and deer and elk hide on drums) and relief printmaking. Lawrence is known for his detailed ink drawings as well as prints of trees and images of Vancouver. ”The heart of my work lies in the beauty of the detail I find in the natural world. Hours spent with a pen or a carving tool take me inside myself where I find a focussed place of meditation, a place where I can create and be who I am. Trees from trips around the world have fascinated me, the Cypress and Olive of Italy, the Silk- Cotton of Cambodia, the Live Oak of New Orleans to name a few. This is where I find my creative soul.”


I produce a variety of original ink drawings on materials such as elk and deer antler jewellery, handmade elk hide drums as well as wood panels ranging in size from 4"x4" to 24"x36." I also do lino and woodblock prints as well as ink drawings on wood elevated by hand carving to add depth and texture.


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