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Lady Dragon Glassworks


Vanessa grew up in Bellevue Saskatchewan; a small culturally rich town which sparked her love for the arts and crafts. This town shaped her artistic growth by exposing her too many different mediums and amazing artisans in her youth. When she moved to Victoria at the age of 20 glass sculpting was introduced to her and the rest is history. Vanessa's inspirations for her glass works are derived from the natural environment in which she resides. Often representing our breathtaking west coast shores; oceanic plant life and creatures beautifully depicting them in her own glass interpretation. "I have been working with glass for over 20 years and what a journey it has been...in 1999 glass entered into my life and quickly turned into a career. I truly have a love and passion for this craft, glass is an incredible medium who's only limit is one's imagination if you are dedicated to putting in the time. " - Vanessa


I am a Lampworker which means I use a propane oxygen torch to melt glass into the creations of my choice. I work with boroscillicate glass which is a hard glass like "Pyrex". The hardness of the glass, or the coefficient lets me sculpt with without the colours bleeding into one another which give it it's distinct look.


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