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Kindred Coast


Kindred Coast was started by Hannah with a love of fashion and art, and an ambition to meld both of those creative outlets together. Her passion behind Kindred Coast comes from the desire to have new unique clothing and accessories, but without compromising the health of the earth to get it. We use recycled and sustainable materials as much as possible, and love to share our creations with you. We are all about creating an Eco-conscious business that also minimizes our impact on the environment.


In our studio, we start out with the design process – Hannah works with ideas we’ve had over the past season of new prints, and from there takes inspiration to sketch new artworks. She starts by sketching with pencil and roughing out the design, and then once we agree on the concept of the design, she starts inking in the design. She will adjust the size, detail and composition as she finalizes the design, and usually print it out on paper a few times to mock up on a shirt and see how the design sits on the garment.


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