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Kalika Jewelry Designs


Kalika Jewelry Designs started about 8 years ago where my love of gemstones turned into making mediation beads and bracelets. After doing this for a few years it felt like a natural progression to start working with silver. I was looking for something that challenged me and pushed me to learn new techniques. I've been silversmithing for 3 years now and I quickly discovered that the learning opportunities are endless. The hardest part is deciding what technique to try next!


Rings, earrings, pendants, bangles and bolos are all made with a simple and classic aesthetic and made to last. Inspired by south western style, Turquoise plays a big part in my creative process. Every piece made to make a statement all the while being able to wear them daily. I am the sole maker and every piece is handmade from start to finish. First designing and then choosing the perfect stone followed by many steps including sawing, soldering, filing, sanding, polishing and finally stone setting.


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