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Joie Designs


Rosie Harris fell in love with the craft of metalwork when first introduced in 2002. She went on to study and train to be a goldsmith in the jewelry program at Vancouver Community College. She started her business “Joie Designs” while still in school, and graduated with a diploma in Jewelry Art and Design in 2007. With jewelry there is often a relationship between wearer and object. Sometimes it is sentimental; a piece of jewelry can signify a moment and it can inspire feelings of nostalgia. With this in mind, Rosie creates jewelry to intentionally connect the wearer to their favourite places and moments. This ability to connect the wearers to nature and halcyon days is evident in her minimalist West Coast designs. Joie Designs is inspired by her “joie de vivres”, her passion for art, recreation and the outdoors. She can often be found exploring the Valley mountains, forests and parks with her children and on her bike.


I create sterling silver and gold vermeil coastal-inspired lifestyle jewelry. I craft nature-inspired necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. Most recently, I have been reproducing some of the same designs as prints on T-shirts and bags. I offer inclusive sizing with adjustable rings and necklace and bracelet lengths I create connections by providing wearable keepsakes that connect the wearer to their special places and moments on the beautiful West Coast. We want women to feel happy. Life's better when we feel good.


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