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jmp flow+design


When Jocelyn Pransky discovered resin, it was love at first sight! Her Mother is a potter, and she grew up using gorgeous pieces that combined art and function wonderfully everyday. Not surprisingly, this started a lifelong love of beautiful homewares and the firm belief they should be used and not shelved away. The discovery of resin as a way to marry wood, ceramic, and metal in a play of colours and light became an instant passion. She started jmp flow+design in 2018 to create pieces for your home that feel both abstract and organic. A fluid pouring technique is used with food safe epoxy resin to create her functional art. It’s a process which is rather uncontrollable and always full of surprises. Resin by its nature is translucent, and each pour is unique - layers, movement, and mysterious combinations are frozen in the resin as the pieces cure to a glassy finish. The transparency of resin is fascinating - looking wet and fluid, while being completely solid - and the impulse to touch a resin piece is undeniable… and highly encouraged!


Resin homewares created combining resin with wood, metal, or ceramic including serving boards, serving trays, lazy susans, trinket dishes, coasters, wall art, clocks, and magnets.


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