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West Coast Cameos


Jill Warne, a lifelong resident of Sooke, BC, draws inspiration from the rich wildlife and scenery of Vancouver Island for her popular hand-sculpted jewelry line, West Coast Cameos. Using professional-grade polymer clay, she meticulously crafts each unique piece, capturing the depth and mood of British Columbia's coastlines. With a background in Visual Arts from Victoria BC, Jill's dedication to her craft is evident in the focus and detail of her creations, reflecting her lifelong passion for art. Grateful for the support of her community, she hopes her love for her home shines through in her work


I hand sculpt each piece of jewelry and framed sculpture individually. I blend a series of shades of professional polymer clay, and then using very fine layers of the clay, I build and sculpt the image, working up from the lightest to darkest shade. Once completed, I set them in Sterling or Fine silver.


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