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Jill Warne Arts


Our Story begins on the wild beaches of Vancouver Island. Established in 2017, West Coast Cameos has become known for unique, wearable art jewelry. Created from a professional grade polymer clay and set in either sterling or fine silver, each piece is hand sculpted and one of a kind.From the misty skies and the towering cedars, to the whimsical jellyfish found in local waters, every pendant, earring or bracelet carries with it our unique Environment. Each is designed to provide a quality piece of art to be worn close to the heart. Celebrating the stunning scenery, treasured wildlife, and delicate blossoms of our home, West Coast Cameos evokes the mood, spirit, and imagery of the island and the Pacific Northwest.


I design and hand sculpt each piece. I use a professional grade polymer clay, mix and blend my own palette of colors and textures, and create thin layers which I apply to a base of clay. I then free hand sculpt the image. The designs are based on my experience of the west coast. They are all themed to represent favorite locations, such as local beaches I grew up hiking, local animals, and floral designs. I then set these pieces in Fine or sterling silver. Each pendant or earring set is unique, as I believe in one of a kind art and am committed to using no molds or prefabricated materials.


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