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Hornby Island Estate Winery


We harvest delicious French and English Cider Apples from our own private orchard, as well as berries from Hornby Island, the Comox Vally, to make our wines, ports, and sherry. Founded in 1999, all wine making happens right on site where each and every bottle is hand crafted. Hornby Island is part of the Wine Islands region - the perfect climate for growing fruit and berries. Our wines consistently win top awards.


For many years, the wine featured at the Filberg Festival has been our BlackBerry Port. This year is no different. This well known elixir attracts repeat visitors to the Festival year after year. Wild Blackberries translate into desert wine with almost magical ease. They are already tart and slightly tannic, and they have insanely deep and luscious berry flavour that keeps us picking the wild berry bushes in the forests of Hornby Island long after our arms are scratched and stained purple. Also featured at the Festival are Hornby Island Winery’s BlueBerry Port and Cranberry Sherry.


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