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DORÉ by Lisa Adele


Lisa has been creating and designing jewellery for over 20 years. She started at a very young age and later attended school to learn the art of goldsmithing and design as well as art history, gemology, drawing and painting. Upon graduation she won an award for her artistic achievement. Shortly after she started her own company, she sold it to Hillberg & Berk and joined forces working as their head designer for the last 12 years. After over a decade at the helm of design for Hillberg & Berk; designing pieces for her majesty the Queen, Lisa has launched her visionary brand: DORÉ by Lisa Adele.


Doré by Lisa Adele is handcrafted unique jewellery made in Canada. Using the lost wax process, her pieces are sculpted in wax and then cast in metal. Inspired by intricate patterns in nature, flourishes of vintage surrealism and high quality craftsmanship, culminates in jewellery that is truly distinctive and one of a kind. She works with high quality gemstones, bronze, silver, gold vermeil and solid gold.


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