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Burlap Sac


Kayley Therrien is the Designer and Craftsperson behind the Edmonton based jewellery brand Burlap Sac. Kayley received her training at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, where she received honorable mention for best-in class design. Upon completion of her studies she returned to Edmonton and began working as a bench jeweller for a fine jewellery store. After honing her skills as a goldsmith Kayley began longing for a more creative outlet. In 2004 she began designing and creating her own signature line of jewellery and that year launched the first Burlap Sac collection. Kayley also teaches silversmithing and beading classes. She enjoys sharing the love of fine craft with new people and loves helping others find their creative flow. Kayley has had the pleasure of showing her work at many craft exhibits and shows over the years. Her highlights include participating in the Circle Craft Craft Shows in Vancouver, Art Market Craft Shows in Calgary, and having an exhibit at the Alberta Branded Gallery at the Alberta Legislature. Kayley now lives in the Edmonton river valley with her partner. She is continually pushing the brand towards more sustainable practices and works hard to ensure her materials are ethically sourced. Specializing in the mixture of material and texture has enabled her to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry and produce unique collections year after year.


Mixed metal and gemstone jewellery with an organic, lived-in feel. A contemporary take on traditional metalsmithing and beading techniques. Burlap Sac jewellery offers skillfully crafted goods with all the beauty, character, and charm needed for the journey they will experience with you. I fabricate the metal components of my jewellery using silver, bronze, gold and various metal sheets and wire. Some pieces are cast from wax models. I then combine those pieces with gemstones and beads to give the work texture and layers. The combination of materials gives the work its signature look.


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