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Birch Artisan Studio


Birch Artisan Studio was created with the vision of connection... to our world, each other and ourselves. Krista Smith is the creative behind Birch Artisan Studio. Born in Victoria, BC, her connection to Vancouver Island’s natural environment can be seen throughout our collections. Birch Artisan Studio had its start in 2014 with 2016 becoming its first full-time year at the summer markets in the Victoria Inner Harbour. Having the opportunity to solidify roots in the city and connect with many people travelling from all over the world, was an experience unlike any other. It was here that we realized the impact of providing thoughtful and caring products and service was beyond our imagination. The people that we’ve met and the connections that we’ve made will be carried with us for a lifetime.


We make jewelry made from natural materials. We harvest reclaimed wood, real leaves and flowers from our local area, collecting with care, and all our gemstones have been consciously sourced. We then press and dry the pieces, giving attention to unique features and patterns. Each botanical piece is set with resin in either sterling silver or 14k gold-filled. Whether it's gemstones, flowers, wood or plants, each piece has its own meaning, its own story. We are often used to seeing the larger beauty of life; the massive sunflower, the long stems of lupins, larkspur & foxglove, the mountains that reach from end to end, and the vastness of our skies and oceans, that we miss the very intricate tiny world of the smaller parts that make up the whole. Just like us, these tiny parts, all the subtleties and complex nuances, are what makes each piece unique. They focus in on those tiniest of details, the small beauty, the subtlety of life itself. We celebrate your story and the people, places, and experiences you hold in your heart.


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