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Be In Harmony Design


Kim Hogan is a Vancouver Island based artist and designer. Having studied the vibrational energies and healing properties of stones, crystals and chakras for many years, she was looking for a simple, yet empowering way to ‘Be In Harmony’ with herself and the world around her. “I am a tactile person by nature, I love the feel of stones against my skin and I wanted to create pieces that would be a constant reminder for me to be more present and mindful throughout the busyness of my day to day life.”


“Making this jewelry is like a meditation for me. Braiding the sinew, knotting the stones in, I infuse each and every piece with loving intention for your highest good. The greatest gift that working with stones has taught me is that when I take the time to go within to nurture and honour my inner light - it shines more brightly”. Let your own inner light shine as you discover the empowering nature and uplifting nurture of crystals and gemstones with this beautifully handcrafted jewelry.


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