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Anita Jackel Leather Design


Working with leather, creating beautifully crafted, colourful and versatile, leather bags is my life’s passion. Utilizing my European fashion background and my thorough education, knowledge and experience in design, pattern making, cutting, and sewing, I started my own business in Canada making soft leather bags and purses in 1995. Over the years I have experimented with shapes and forms as my vision has always been to create uniquely designed bags that are well made, multifunctional and versatile - many bags can be worn in different ways. My inspirations come from things that I see and experience in nature, my travels, art, and my surroundings. I use natural smooth beach stones that were tumbled in the ocean as closures, as I believe they help us connect with the earth. I only use “top grain” leather for my bags and some of my colours I have specifically made for my collection. I have deliberately kept my business on an Artisan’s level in order to be involved in the whole process from creative design to finished product and sales. All designs, patterns, and cuttings are made entirely by me, during busy periods of the year some of the sewing is done by my assistant. Over 28 years of making and selling my bags at several major craft shows across Canada has resulted in a large following of loyal customers who cherish and love my bags. The fact that some customers are still wearing my bags 20 years later is a testament to their quality.


WORK PROCESS DESCRIPTION FOR LEATHER BAGS & PURSES To facilitate the production of new styles, direction and look for the coming season, I start by making sketches of my ideas. Sometimes I make paper models to better understand a particular construction. The next step is to make a precise pattern of each part in cardboard. Complex designs are always tested by making a sample in fabric. If necessary the pattern is adjusted to fit. Now I cut the pieces from high quality cow, or occasionally lamb leather. Zipper openings are glued back and in order to avoid seam build-up, the edges are skived (made thinner), where necessary. Once all parts are prepared, all bags are heat-embossed with my logo. Some of my findings (metal closures, snaps, etc) I make myself, in particular selecting and drilling my unique stone closures. Then I sew the bags together. Where required the bags are reinforced at stress points, such as in the floors or at the strap attachments. Finally the hardware is installed (locks, snaps, closures, eyelets) and the seams are finished. I give full warranty on all seams and findings, including zippers.


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