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61 Nickel Guitars


My name is Glen Henderson. I reside in Port Alberni and I build Cigar Box Guitars. I have built over 250 of these unique instruments and have sold them all over the world. Cigar Box Guitars have been around since the mid 1800’s and were made by people who couldn’t afford manufactured instruments. My guitars are a celebration of the original style but with a modern twist using electrics for amplification. Each guitar is unique and features local wood sourced from Vancouver Island.


Cigar Box Guitars are made from empty cigar boxes featuring beautiful colours and graphics. They are available in both fretted and slide (non-fretted) versions and are fully electric. I generally make 3 string versions which are very easy to learn to play. Each guitar is unique and the necks are made mostly from locally (and ethically) sourced wood from right here on Vancouver Island. Each neck is hand shaped, each headstock has a free form shape, and every guitar has a 1961 Canadian nickel proudly displayed on it!!


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