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Trembling Aspen Pottery Studio


Laura Gosnell considers herself a true resident of British Columbia, as she has lived, studied and created all over this breathtaking province. Returning to Central Vancouver Island from northern B.C., she feels at home nestled amongst coastal forests, mountains, and the Pacific, each of which influence her work. Equally influential are the years she has spent travelling the globe touring clay studios and wandering through galleries and museums. Laura began working in clay in 1998, as a reward for completing her environmental biology degree. Little did she know it would start her on an entirely different path of learning. Though most of this exploration has been self-led, she has also formerly studies through a Fine Arts Diploma.


Laura’s current work is inspired by the major ecosystems on the west coast. The high fire white porcelain is a backdrop for sea, air, and earth line sketches, and the sea glass glaze is reminiscent of the Japanese floats she collected with her grandfather where he grew up in the west coast trail. . Not forgetting her science studies, Laura is driven to work in a sustainable manner and is exploring studio practices that reduce energy consumption and promote the responsible use of material. She strives to make beautiful work that endures, in hopes to counter the current consumer trend towards the disposable.


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