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The Small Bird Workshop


The Small Bird Workshop specializes in local, Canadian, and breed-specific yarns and fibres for crafters who care about the animals, the land, and the people who make their materials. From small batch, Canadian spun yarn to rare breed spinning fibres, we select our products with great care and attention to traceability and animal welfare. The Small Bird Workshop is owned by Catherine Knutsson, an experienced handspinner, knitter, knitting pattern designer, dyer, educator, and advocate for Canadian wool. Catherine is a registered member of Metis Nation British Columbia and a third-generation Vancouver Island-ite.


Undyed and handdyed yarns, spinning fibre, knitting patterns, wool pellets, and some finished items. I also offer wool tincture dye packets and wool wash for woolen garments. Most of my dyed products are dyed by myself in my workshop, but some are dyed at the mills who produce the fibre and yarn. Many of my items are Canadian-sourced (some are even from Vancouver Island sheep flocks!), but I also import items from the UK, USA, and South America. All of my products are 100% traceable to origin.


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