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Silver Suspensions


I have always been a tactile, hands on creative person. I excelled in graphic design in school. I thought that would be my career path until one fateful day shortly after my graduation. I was living next to Granville Island in Vancouver, a hub of creativity, when I met Phillip. His father was a goldsmith and he was an architect. He had created an unorthodox style of colourful geometric jewelry that had three dimensional movement which often looked like small machines and sculptures. I was captivated, inspired and I could see designs in my mind but lacked the skills to create them. This was the beginning of my mentoring and our life-long friendship, Philip still recalls me telling him how to make his jewelry and also saying ‘why don’t you do it this way it would be easier’ and with a little consideration, he decided it was.


Sterling Silver & 14K gold Jewelry. Traditional, modern & kinetic designs for men and women.


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