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Rootside Bitters & Mixers


Rootside began its life in 2015 in a small apartment in Vancouver after getting laid off and struggling to find a path in life. Michela and Quinn felt they needed to set off on their own if they really want to make it in the world of food and drink. Starting Rootside was the way forward. They both got jobs in catering to pay the bills and began testing out the first recipes with makeshift DIY equipment in their apartment kitchen. The first batch of Ginger Beer Mix was only 20 litres, sold exclusively to restaurants. They used that money to fund the next slightly bigger batch and dreamt about a bigger stock pot. Now, years later, they have a wide variety of Bitters & Mixers sold across BC and a wee bit in the rest of Canada. They have a small production facility in Esquimalt and a big shiny 2,000L tank.


Craft soda mixers and bitters for sparkling water and cocktails - add in to taste and enjoy!


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