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Rachel Grenon Ceramicist


College in the summer of 1997. She worked as an apprentice for Vincent Massey, Whistler, B.C. and learn a lot from him. In 2004,she moved her studio from Whistler (BC) to Bromont (Qc) and we believe that she is still part of British Columbia, as her work demonstrates in many ways. In 2009 her work “the swimmers” was selected to represent Canadian innovation in craft at the Cheongju (Korea) Bi-annual exhibition. She was part of “wanted design” in New York city in may 2014 and 2015. You can find her work in Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver and in the Eastern Townships area of Québec. She host events at her studio where she combined food served in her platters and bowls with kiln openings.


Functionnal ceramics Oversize platters end bowls Made of porcelain and vitrified at cone 6.


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