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Nice Going Goods


Working out of a tiny studio, I work day after day to singlehandedly create functional ceramics that make folks smile :) After moving to Victoria four years ago, I decided to pick up a hobby, and throwing just felt like the right move. After all, Pottery was my favourite elective in high school. After being out of practice for nearly ten years, I began to so genuinely enjoy playing with clay, getting messy, and coming out at the end with ceramics that were functional, but also brought pure joy to the faces of loved ones. I felt like I needed to spread that joy, and so Nice Going Goods began. I live in Victoria with my dog, Kara, and enjoy my days away from the pottery studio adventuring around Vancouver Island. Cold-dipping in the ocean, walking Tofino's beaches, and camping at San Josef Bay are some of my very favourites.


I create functional ceramics that empower women's bodies in a subtle and sweet way. It’s not much, but it’s my contribution to the body positivity movement. All goods are handmade from start to finish by myself in a way that honours imperfections, blemishes, and natural beauty. Just as with our bodies, Nice Going values every difference being celebrated. I've also started creating more simple functional ceramics. With simple designs like stripes or basic faces, I find adding character to simple functional pieces can make your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening brandy taste that much better.


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