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McQuillan Woodcraft


Artist Daniel McQuillan was born and raised in Nanaimo. After spending a few years in Yellowknife he returned to the Island, finding work as a carpenter in Nanaimo. An avid woodworker, building houses was an enjoyable vocation, but it lacked the creative freedom he so yearned for. Fast forward to 2020, sidelined by an injury and unable to do much else, Daniel turned to woodcarving to fill the hours. Blessings come in odd ways sometimes and this was no different. The downtime allowed him to focus his creativity into a new art form. Inspired by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island - the mountains, rocks and roots, and crashing waves - and fueled by a passion for creativity and woodworking, McQuillan Woodcraft was made.


"I am a sculptor and woodworker, working primarily with found and reclaimed wood and stone using a combination of traditional hand tools and power carvers. I do not use any stains or paints on my work, instead allowing the natural colours to come forth. My sculptures are inspired by the natural world around me - the sprawling forests, soaring mountains of granite and crashing waves. I have an innate connection to the wood I work with; it speaks to me on a deep level. The twisting and turning of grain creates such fascinating shapes and forms. I let the wood tell me what it wants to be, manipulating those patterns into something new and beautiful. Giving lost or discarded pieces of wood a new life. " -McQuillan Woodcraft


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