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Lochside Pottery


Focusing on functional mid-fire stoneware, Lochside Pottery is dedicated to the simple, unique character of the handmade. Drawing inspiration from the comfort of cottages and simplicity of farmhouses; this collection is designed to be loved and enjoyed everyday. Currently based out of Metchosin, Katie Louise Morris lived on Lochside Drive in the early nineties when her family first moved from England; it’s where all the fondest childhood memories live, the love of a dogwood started, and where playing with mud first began. After a detour through Alberta, a career in agricultural business, Saskatchewan, a whole lot of horses, Texas, and some travelling, Katie now divides time between her studio, garden, and a bouncy border collie named Rudy.


Working out of a small studio at home, I make mid-fire functional pottery, including the following. Mugs and cups, plates and bowls, serving dishes and platters, open casseroles, utility crocks, butter dishes, garlic keepers, and ramekins.


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