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Lisa Joan Art


A professional wildlife portrait artist, Lisa Joan’s bold pallet paintings are a pop-art inspired blend of vibrant, high contrast colours and whimsical realism that calls you face to face with the heartbeat of every living creature she brings to the canvas. Lisa made her home and studio on the West Coast of Vancouver Island after leaving England 15 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. She continues to be inspired by the nature that surrounds her and by her own two wildling children who motivate her to continue making art every day. Being able to live and breath art as a full time endeavor since 2014 has been a dream become reality, with her art now reaching across the globe on the walls and murals of her dedicated following that make her passion for creating possible.


I create medium to large scale acrylic paintings of wildlife. My work aims to connect with the observer with a child-like excitement. Using reference images from photographers that I have relationship with, or from photos of my own, I paint my interpretation of the animal I see before me. I have a special relationship with they eyes of the animal, and hope that the viewer feels comforted by the image they are looking at. Over the last year as finances have become tight for some people, I have expanded my work into more tangible take home gifts such as Fine Art Cushions, bags & more.


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