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Linda Rajotte Silver Ocean Designs


Since 2004, Linda Rajotte has been creating her west coast inspired wearable art. The ocean and the symmetry of nature provide inspiration for her. Linda has used many other mediums in her life to express her artistic talents, however, exploring the unique properties of silver, copper and now gold dominates her life in art. Linda’s mathematical background has influenced her distinct designs. Logarithmic spirals found in nature such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers are a constant theme. All her pieces are made by hand so they carry within them the energy she uses to create. Linda studied Fine Arts at UBC while completing her degree in honours Mathematics, which she then taught for over thirty years. Making art may seem unusual for a mathematician but she believes mathematics is an integral part of art. She recently gave a presentation to the Greater Victoria Art Gallery Associates, which was entitled “Mathematics and Art – Creating Wearable Art”. Linda enjoys experimenting and learning new techniques through her own investigations and the courses she has taken for silverwork. She has been given a number of awards* for her work throughout the years; however, she believes that the most important thing is that she loves doing what she is doing. Linda’s jewellery has been described as being original, elegant and while it has a very personal feel – inasmuch as her jewellery is an extension of her as a person – it also conveys a strong sense of its eventual wearer.


Silver and nature have always held an attraction for Linda. She weaves, textures and forms silver creating wearable art that adorns the body and provides organic energy reflecting her connection with nature and her passion for artistic pursuits. She is concerned not only with appearance, but also with touch and form. Linda uses “fine silver” (99.9% silver kiln-dried) to create her sculptural pieces using molds she has made with natural objects or her own hand-drawn etchings in copper. She often combines her fine silver pieces with copper as well as hand-woven silver and gold-filled wire – or enhances her pieces using 22K gold accents. Linda fuses fine silver to make silver chains and earrings. She uses sterling silver (92.5% silver) when making her individual clasps, bangles and ear wires because the copper content produces greater strength. Linda also anneals, forges and textures sterling silver and copper to create different pieces enhancing the shapes and patterns in her work. She loves to play with different techniques in her artwork such as fusing silver onto copper or silver onto silver creating a reticulated effect or using alcohol inks on copper. Incorporating high quality freshwater pearls into her designs also distinguishes her work. Linda’s hand-weaving of sterling silver takes two forms: she uses the ancient art of “Viking knit” to create sterling silver and gold-filled ropes and she links sterling and fine silver jump rings using chainmaille designs to enhance her designs. The final result of these various weaves is very pleasing because of their strength, delicacy and lightness.


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