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Kuseno Comfort Products


We are a husband and wife team and we started our business in 2013 when I was looking for a solution for my wife's terrible headaches that were caused by poor pillow support. I read about buckwheat hull pillows online and it sounded like it was exactly what all the store-bought pillows she tried over the years were missing. I made pillows for us to try and I'm happy to report that Barbara hasn't woken up with a headache in over ten years! We've since expanded to include more comfort products like heat bags to help with other daily aches and pains, and in the summer we have cooling ties to keep you cool all day long.


To make the pillows, we pre-wash cotton downproof ticking in hot water to shrink it, cut it to size and sew it together with a zipper at one end. The pillow is filled by weight with Canadian grown buckwheat hulls. The hot/cold wraps are made with pre-washed, colour-fasted cotton that is cut to size. They're filled with Canadian grown whole grain flaxseed in tubes or sections, alternating between filling and sewing until it's complete. Cooling ties are made with pre-washed, colour-fasted cotton that is sewn into a tube. A measured amount of water-absorbing gel crystals before being stitched closed. Dishcloths and makeup remover pads are crocheted using cotton thread. These aren't part of our normal product lineup on our website. Barbara likes to crochet at the end of the day to help her unwind and we sell them at the markets.


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