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Kastawayz Art


We are a husband and wife team focused on creating beautiful art for the home and garden using 100% recycled metals. We live in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, a fishing town close to the gorgeous Westcoast from which we draw inspiration for our art with a strong salmon and ocean theme, complimented with lots of birds, trees and wildlife! We have been creating and selling our work for over 20 years both in Canada and abroad. We strive to keep our work fresh, fun and unique offering something for everyone.


Our primary focus with our art is on the utilization and upcycling of old and discarded metal, this often includes materials such as old galvanized roofing/siding, old toolbox/tackleboxs, truck panels and garden tools, the options are endless! Every single creation is cut freehand using a handheld plasma - this in turn with the metals scratched and worn paint, texture and corrosion, holes and natural patina adds unique character, personality and a story to each piece. We never buy new product, EVERYTHING is recycled and reused. Our art can be displayed outdoors or indoors. We keep all original paint intact and hand sand and finish with a metal varnish that enhances the color and adds protection. We have a very wide range of items available, with price points to match.


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