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Fused Permanent Jewelry


Hello! My name is Alex. Im a mom of 3 and I have a small hobby farm in Port Alberni. My husband, children and I moved to Vancouver Island in 2020, and due to the pandemic never really had a chance to meet many people on the island during that first year. Shortly after my youngest daughter was born I took a silversmithing class at a local metal art studio to try and get out and meet some like-minded people. I was immediately captivated by the silversmithing process and jewelry design and began acquiring my own collection of tools at home and working on projects whenever I had the chance (during nap time, in the evenings when my kids were in bed, etc). This led to me deciding that I wanted to start a career in jewelry design and fabrication and I started two businesses. One doing permanent jewelry so that people like myself with kids and farms and other chaos could actually wear bracelets without them being broken by an animal or torn off by a child within 24 hours; and one doing custom engagement ring design and sales.


Permanent Jewelry is where we custom fit and weld chains directly on to you. This means it is custom fit to your wrist, with no clasp, and requires no maintenance. Because there is no clasp the jewelry is much more durable than a traditional piece of jewelry as the clasp is usually the first thing to break. The process is painless and the results are a beautiful and timeless. The jewelry is custom designed and made on the spot for each customer, then custom fit and welded on. We have a strong focus on sustainability so of our chains are made of recycled 14k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold fill, and sterling silver.


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