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danica ceramica


Danica Ceramica produces a collection of functional ceramics designed to capture the nature of clay and celebrate the intimate process of hand-making objects for everyday use. Danica explains, “The fluid look of my surface design is achieved by pressing and marking the clay at its wettest stage while it is still on my potter’s wheel. This is when it is most responsive, allowing me to retain traces of my process.” With finger marks pressed into the bases and sharp grooves that undulate around the sides of her pots, gestural patterns are frozen in time. The choices of glaze finish contrast the soft forms; colours and textures resemble polished rocks, simultaneously warm and cool. While the bodies of the pieces have fluidity and movement, the glaze finish solidifies that movement, capturing the gestures and turning them to stone with an elegant feel. All of the pieces are hand thrown on the pottery wheel and altered before taken off. I use a red stoneware clay body. Danica studied at the Kootenay School of Studio Arts in 2019. She apprenticed with Cathi Jefferson in 2021 before joining Nanaimo Ceramic Arts Studio this January, where she has tested glazes and developed her body of work. She now operates as sole proprietor of Danica Ceramica and lives in Nanaimo BC.


I create functional ceramic wares under the name Danica Ceramica. My pottery blends texture and an element of organic movement in everyday objects. I have created a cohesive line of mugs, bowls, tumblers, and serving dishes, ceramic scoops, funnels, spoons, jars, and platters creating a well-rounded catalog of items.


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