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Daksha's Gourmet Spices Ltd.


Having lived on four continents Daksha has acquired a vast knowledge of various cuisines. She particularly paid attention to the Indian cooking at its roots. She learnt the art of cooking Gujarati cuisine from her 2 mothers, namely her grandmother and her mother. Daksha learnt the Aryurvedic (the Science of Life) qualities of spices at a young age. She cleans and blends the spices as it was perfected hundreds of years ago. The recipes of her blends have been handed down from generations to generations and have been traced back 300 years. Her knowledge and her way of cooking intrigued many of her friends and family who encouraged her to teach at the local college and schools. Daksha started teaching in 1989 and does so to this day. She presently teaches in her gourmet studio kitchen in Williams Lake and she has traveled around BC to put on cooking classes. Daksha Narsing is the author of three cookbooks; her first book is in its seventh reprint. Her second book is endorsed by a very famous chef/owner of “Sooke Harbour House”, Sinclair Phillips, who has always enjoyed Daksha’s cookbooks and spices. Her third Vegetarian Cookbook is endorsed by Rishi Pandya an Ayurvedic Doctor, who recommends Daksha’s cookbooks and spices to many of his patients. Many newspapers have published articles of Daksha’s cookbooks and spices, such as The Province, Williams Lake Tribune, newspapers in Comox, Prince George and 100 Mile House. Daksha has appeared on CFJC TV on a half hour show called “Carefree Cooking” with Lois Cutler numerous times. She also appeared on BCTV, Saturday Morning News with Jill Kropp. Her other appearance are on “City Cooks” aired on City TV with Simi Sara and Fusion Fare on M Channel. Daksha has performed numerous cooking demonstrations on the Celebrity Stages such as the “Eat Vancouver”, Vancouver Home and Garden Show and the Vancouver Home and Interior Design Show. She has also been heard on live shows with Mark Forsyth on CBC Radio.


We only selects the finest spices to make our Gluten Free blends. After receiving the spices in our facility each spice goes through a rigorous cleaning process. We sieve the spices in 3 stages by hand, followed by removing all the remaining impurities. This is done by placing the spice on a large tray and sorting through the spices by Bhaskar and myself. This process takes many days before each spice is ready to be processed and packaged. We then blend the cleaned spices in specific proportions, using recipes that have been in our family for more than 300 years. Bhaskar and I package and present these spices in spice boxes. We use our cleaned spices to make delicious gourmet Indian curry mixes namely: Butter Chicken, Chicken Curry, Tikka Masala, Korma, Tandoori, Vindaloo, Aloo Gobi, Chana Masala, Daal, Spicy Fish, Mango Salsa and Pakora. We also provide the spice blends (Garam Masala, Thana Jeeroo and Baking Spice). We provide recipes to use these spices in the 5 cookbooks that Daksha has published. Daksha’s newest edition is called “Daksha’s Gourmet Kitchen”. Our Chai Spice is another traditional recipe, handed down from generation to generation, that we follow. This spice blend takes long to make as special care is taken in cleaning and grinding the spices to a very fine powder. Using our Chai Spice we make a Chai Latte mix. This is an instant mix to make a delicious Caffeine free Chai Latte. We want to share with the world good quality Indian cuisine and a way of cooking that has been enjoyed for centuries; and also to introduce spices for a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves in making products that are All Natural, with No MSG, No Preservatives, Gluten Free, No Salt and No Allergens. We are the owners and creators of “Daksha’s Gourmet Spices” products.


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