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Logan Staats


Mohawk singer-songwriter Logan Staats began as a diamond in the rough, and has become the gem of indigenous folk-rock. Staats grew up in Brantford, Ontario with no formal musical training, just a good ear and raw lyrical talent. He played the local circuit for years before his 2015 debut release ‘Goodbye Goldia’, an unvarnished yet hard hitting folk album. He went on to win CTV’s ‘The Launch’ in 2018, gaining commercial success and touring across North America and Europe. Since then, Staats has come home, making the intentional decision to re-root at Six Nations of the Grand River. “I wanted to bring my songwriting back to the medicine inside of music, to the medicine inside of reclamation,” he says. This is the philosophy behind his sophomore album ‘A Light In The Attic’. These songs are a healing salve, contemplatively composed and offered to listeners in need of comfort. His sound draws heavily from the rich blues and rock legacy of Six Nations. “My nation and my community are in every chord I play and every note I sing,” says Staats. “They’ve saved me.”

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