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Evan Cheadle


There are many singers who are gifted at their craft; there are far fewer who are simultaneously gifted, distinctive, and evocative. Victoria based singer-songwriter Evan Cheadle is undoubtedly the latter. His resonant voice is unlike any other. It is a voice that has dug into the history of music and still comes up fresh and new. Indeed, Cheadle’s voice and songs are timeless. Accompanied by his intricate and melodic guitar playing, they seep into your skin and stay with you longer after they’re over. Cheadle’s latest album Fault Line Serenade was written over a wide swath of time and place in between several years of touring as a member of The Deep Dark Woods. By the time he came to record, Cheadle had stock piled this collection of songs. Fault Line Serenade is a collaboration with David Parry of Loving, the two set up shop in David Parry’s studio; calling on a crew of brilliant musicians which includes the guitarist Clayton Linthicum of Kacy and Clayton among many others. Lilting violins, violas and cellos blend with acoustic guitars, pedal steel and Cheadle’s distinct resonant voice. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Gene Clark and Bobbie Gentry to Bert Jansh and Tim Hardin. Fault Line Serenade is a follow up album to Evan’s 2018 album Chasing Shadows. Which was recorded and produced by Ryan Boldt of the Deep Dark Woods; Subsequently Cheadle has been the guitarist in Deep Dark Woods since 2017, as well as in Loving since 2021.

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