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Caleb Hart


With over 1000 live performances since 2013 under his belt, Caleb Hart continually proves himself a captivating, passionate, and versatile performer. His reggae, soul, and Caribbean folk style of music (which he calls ‘Island Soul’) as well as his message of love, hope, and unity bring audiences of diverse ages and backgrounds together for shows that are always special in their own ways. “Once in a while a person’s art, passion and heart intersect in a way that is unusual and powerful. Caleb Hart is on a journey to explore how to really make love the centre of life, community, and of course his music.” Dave Schenk - Deep Blue Events (Australia) “Caleb Hart and his band are incredible to work with, they deliver a next-level performance and are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” Adam Masson - Atomique Productions “Though Hart’s lyrics strayed into the profound, with heartfelt choruses like “we don’t wanna live this way anymore”, the mood never dipped. Within seconds of taking the stage Hart brought the whole room to its feet.” Brianna Ferguson - Vancouver Weekly

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