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Café Olé


Inspired by music traditions from Spain and Latin-America, this versatile duo wields a power to transport audiences through time and place. Vocalist Brittany Christina Bowman (from Vancouver Island) and guitarist Oscar Robles Diaz (from Mexico) met in 2007 in Mexico City and have been collaborating in music and in life ever since. Singing in Spanish, they accompany their voices with nylon-string guitar and rhythmic handclaps (palmas). Their energy is infectious and conveys a deep respect and appreciation for a variety of rich musical cultures. With humble reflection and creative collaboration, a sincerity and alchemy arises, permitting each musician's unique spirit to shine through. Café Olé's sound is heartfelt, engaging, deeply expressive and very much inspired by the experience of connection with the natural world that surrounds us. Café Olé is currently based in the Comox Valley. They have performed in Mexico, Canada and Taiwan.

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